Cheatah Facts

Hi,welcome to,today I will be positing on Cheetahs Facts.
Cheetahs are part of the big cat family,but they can’t climb a tree,but they can run faster than any other land animals.


:::The Cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world.They can reach a top speed of around 113 km per hour.

:::A Cheetah can accelerate from 0 to 113 km in just a few seconds.

:::Cheetah are extremely fast,however,they tire quickly and can only keep their top speed for a few minutes before they are too tired to continue.

:::Cheetah are smaller than other members of the big cat family,weighing only 45 to 60 kilogram.

:::One way to always recognise a cheetah is by the long black lines which run from the inside of each eye to the month.This are usually called “tear lines” and scientists beleive they help protect the Cheetah eye from the hash sun and help them to see long distances.

:::Cheetah are the only big cat that cannot roar.They can purr through and usually purr loudly when they are grooming or sitting near other Cheetahs.

:::While lion and leopard usually do their hunting at night.cheetah hunt for food during the day.

:::A cheetah has an amazing eye sight during the day and can spot prey from 5 km away.

:::Cheetahs cannot climb trees and have poor night vision.

:::With their light body weight and blunt claws,cheetahs are not well designed to protect themselves or their prey.
When a larger or aggressive animal approaches a cheetah in the wild,it will give up its catch to avoid a fight
:::Cheetah only need to drink once every 3 to 4 days.


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