You may be wondering how you could use whatsapp on Nokia not supported devices such as Nokia Asha.Of course,you can start using whatsapp on your Nokia Asha.To do that,follow the below steps:

How To Use Whatsapp Application On Nokia Asha 2 SIM
Step1:Find a friend who have an X2 or Nokia C3 with a whatsapp application on it.

Step2After you have gotten yourself 1,copy the Whatsapp App to your memory card.

Step3:Insert your memory card into your Nokia Asha 2SIM.

Step4:Open the Whatsapp App in your Nokia Asha,it will display something like updating….,ignore it.

Step5:After few minutes,it shows you a page to fill your phone number and also your Name and photo.
It displays “empty” ,don’t worry about that,just go to your phone where you will find the folder “Whatsapp” delete the folder and launch Whatsapp again.

And thats all!!!!I want to know how it works for you,use the comment box below to comment.


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