SCIENCE—Fun Planets Facts

Planets have fascinated scientists and humans in general through the years.


Mercury is a tough living next to the Sun,but someone got to do it.


Similar in size to Earth,but hotter!Venus is like an oven,but its tick clouds keeps the heat inside.


The “Red Planet” hasn’t quite been conquered by humans yet,but it has a few yet interesting visitors during the recent years.


Its a big and angry home to some of the most extreme conditions in our Solar System.In Jupiter,storms rage and also has intense gravity rules.


This gas giant is famous for its beautiful rings as well as being the second biggest planet in our Solar System.The rings are made up of ice crystals.


Keen to stand out from the crowd,Uranus rolls like a barrel rather than spinning like Earth.


Fierce storms rage on this planet at the edge of our Solar System.


It’s tough,being the little guy and on one knows this planet better and Pluto isn’t even considered a planet anymore.


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