TECHNOLOGY—Types Of Robots

  • Robot Facts
  • There are many kinds of robots.But I will be discussing about few here.

    But before,that,I hope you must have known what a robot is all about and its definition.But if not.below is a definition of a robot:

  • Def. Of Robot:A robot is a a machine capable of carrying out a complex series of actions automatically,especially one programmable by a computer.
  • There’s the best in Japanese robots, humanoid robots,autonomous robots and entertainment robots. Get information on popular robots such as ASIMO, AIBO, QRIO and more.

    Made by: Sony
    Height: 61cm
    Pronounced “curio” the name
    stands for “quest for curiosity”in Japanese.
    To live with you, make life fun and make you happy.
    What can it do?
    Walk, talk, run, dance,recognize voices and faces, play ball games and surf the web.

  • Foot sensors so it can play
  • Ankles with ball joints so it
    can walk on uneven
  • Picks itself up after falling
    and even checks itself for
  • Moves with quick, smooth
  • Check out this video of QRIO dancing

    Made by: Kawada Industries
    Height: 1.5m
    Weight: 58kg
    Purpose:To work in human environments and use human tools.
    What can it do?:Walk, get up from awkward positions, walk on uneven surfaces and grasp objects.


  • It can walk,crouch and get up off the floor as swiftly and smoothly as a human.
  • Capable of working alongside humans in a range of industrial and
    domestic settings
  • Said to be the strongest and most agile of humanoid robots.
  • ASIMO:
    Made by: Honda
    Height: 1.2m
    ASIMO stands for: Advanced
    Step in Innovative Mobility, it
    also takes its name from robotic visionary Isaac Asimov.
    Purpose:Began in 1986 as a study into human movement and has since evolved into a robot capable of a wide range of tasks.

    What can it do?:It can walk, run, turn corners,recognize hand gestures, carry objects, dance and climb up and down stairs.


  • May be the most advanced
    humanoid robot in the
  • Can perform simple tasks,
    such as switching on a light
    Made by: The Institute of
    Advanced Industrial Science
    and Technology (Japan)
    Length: 45cm
    Weight: 2.7kg

    Purpose: PARO is a therapeutic toy designed to comfort those in need like the elderly and sick.

  • Responds to stroking/
    cuddling through special
    touch sensors beneath its
    fur and on its whiskers.
  • Modeled on a baby harp
  • Has voice recognition and
    authentic seal sounds.
  • PARO
    Made by: NEC
    Height: 38cm
    PaPeRo stands for: Partner- type Personal Robot

    To both entertain and assist around the house. What can it do?:Recognizes speech, talks, moves,responds
    to users, controls household
    devices. Features:

  • Recognizes 650 phrases and 3000 words.
  • Can wirelessly control your
    TV and surf the internet.
  • Designed to look cute so
    humans feel protective
    rather than threatened.
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