[Hilarious]Types Of Slaps

Funny compilation of different types of slaps
Below are the different types of slaps:

Types Of Slaps-Timelesswap 1)TAKE AWAY SLAP: This is a situation where someone gives you a dirty slap and all you do is hold your face and walk away, this kind is normally received by newly born again Christians.

2)RESOUNDING SLAP: This is when after you’re hit, u keep hearing some funny sound in your brain like
wiiiiiiiiiii, and voices on your head singing skelewu.

3) FORMATTING SLAP: This is the type that makes
someone forget instantly what he or she was doing, you find yourself asking questions like “what did I do?” “Who slap
me?” or “You slap me?”
This type is very common, it is a slap from guys who are
stronger than you.

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4) EXPLANATION SLAP: When someone gives you this kind, you find yourself
explaining the situation to the nearest person out of your own accord. E.g. Bros, sheebi you been dey watch? I been no do anything o, I just dey pass na. This is a slap from soldiers that have missed promotion for a long time.Lol 😀

5) FIXED DEPOSIT SLAP: When you receive this kind, all you do is just stand right where you are and watch the person walk away. This slap is from elder brothers.

6)RHETORICAL SLAP: The moment you download
this slap u start asking questions that don’t need reply “Uche, you slap me?…”

7. RESPONDING SLAP: When you slapped somebody with boldness and the person turn the slap back to you twice.There is no doubt that in our lives’ experiences we have received one or more of these slaps, 😀 lols can’t stop laughing out load… Which one have you ever received?No lies because I know we’ve all atleast received one of or two of the slaps outlined above.

Lol,just wanted to use it to make your day.Have a pleasant day ahead.



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