[FACT]How To Charge Your Phone With A Burning Fire

Do you often go camping?If yes,then this is your ultimate solution to keep you connected in the absence of your charger.

Charge Your Phone With A Burning Fire

This nifty gadget works without electricity.You only need to start a fire and this gadget will do the work for you by converting that heat energy to electricity letting charge your phone.
This gadget is called FlameStower sold for only $100.

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Gharge Yoir Phone With FireThis isn’t meant to charge just your phone,it will charge any small device with a micro-USB port. However, you should note that it won’t charge your phone as fast as your regular adaptor but it
still works. At least, it’s better than absolutely nothing at all.

How it works:

It’s basically physics: a blade that protrudes from the device is placed directly into the flame and this absorbs thermal energy. This thermal energy is transferred to a generator kept cool by a small water reservoir. The difference in temperature is enough to create enough electricity to charge any
small device.

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Again, you should note that this won’t charge your phone as fast as your charger and it’s not meant for everyday use. But when all you have is a burning flame and your power-bank is dead, this might be a life saver for campers. You can purchase Flamestower USB Fore Charger on Amazon for only $99.

Source: Akotech


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