Hello readers of this blog,another yet exclusive hot free browsing from Airtel NG.As our manner is to keep you updated with the latest happenings in Free Browsing Technology.

Today,we have come with another one:

Airtel 1Gb Free Browsing Tweak

Airtel Free Browsing This 1Gb has been rocking since and am sure all Airtel users will definitely love this!

But before I enter into showing you the procedures,I would like you to know the advantages and disadvantages.

Yes,I know you may be wondering why mentioning disadvantages,don’t be sacred,they aren’t much! 😀


  1. It only works at night;
  2. It only works on weekends(Saturdays and Sundays);
  3. It doesn’t work on every Airtel SIM Cards.

Now for the advantages that you were waiting to read are finally here.Yes,these are the advantages:


  1. Its totally free.That means you don’t need to recharge your account;
  2. The data works with all devices with internet capability;
  3. It doesn’t require any VPN app to power it;
  4. You loose nothing at the end;
  5. Its easy,stable and very fast.


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  • First,make sure you don’t have airtime on your account;
  • Then,dail * 4 7 5 # twice to purchase the data free of charge;
  • After dialing the above code you’ll receive a confirmation message for
    the data via SMS;
  • The data given to you is usable only at 12am on Saturdays till Sunday 11:59 am as mentioned earlier.

And thats how to get the rocking 1 Gb.Stay glued to this blog so you will be updated regularly.
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